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To gain 100% progress in the statistics you need to fulfill a number of objectives in the game. Once you achieve 100% and you have connected your PSN or Xbox Live ID to the Social Club, you will gain access to the 100% club which features different sorts of certificates to be downloaded as well as wallpapers, avatars and other stuff.

Category Information % Increase
Missions Complete all Main story missions in the game. 60%
Odd Jobs Complete 10 Courier Jobs for Little Jacob via your mobile phone. 2%
Exotic Exports Deliver all 10 Exotic Exports e-mailed to you. 2%
Odd Jobs Complete all 9 Races for Brucie. 2%
Odd Jobs Complete all 10 Assassination missions from the pay phone. 2%
Friends Open all unique abilities with Brucie, Packie and Little Jacob, and complete all activities with each of them. 10%
Police computer Kill all 30 Most Wanted people from the police computer. 2.5%
Police computer Resolve 20 crimes with a police car. 2.5%
Flying Rats Kill all 200 pigeons in Liberty City. 2.5%
Unique Stunts Complete all 50 Unique Stunts 2.5%
Total 88%
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