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It is not all women with big hair and men with tight t-shirts and it is not just a place where people from Algonquin go to dump their trash. Alderney is also home to beautiful beaches. Self-service gas stations, superhighways, heavy industry, palpable suburban angst and diners where the coffee is stronger than speed. Visit the Alderney State Correctional Facility on the east side of Acter Industrial Park for spectacular view of Algonquin’s iconic skyline and a glimpse of what could happen o you if you carry on fiddling your tax returns. Take a walk along Alderney’s idyllic western shoreline or explore the deserted casino at the northern tip of Westdyke. Discover parts of animals you never thought existed with a dinner at Mr. Fuks Rice Box in Alderney City’s Korea Town and then blow the rest of your children’s college fund on a private room at Honkers in Tudor.