Cops 'n Crooks

From Grand Theft Auto IV

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  • 2 teams only

A team-based mode in which the Crooks must get their Boss to safety, while the Cops have to take him down. The Boss is marked with a cross hair. This mode has two sub-modes: All for One and One for All.

All For One
One team is made up of Crooks and a Boss, and the other team is made up of Cops. The cops are trying to hunt down and kill the Boss while the Crooks are trying to protect him. The Cops win by killing the Boss and the Crooks win by getting the Boss safely to the getaway vehicle and escaping.
One for All
Similar but there is no Boss. Here, the cops win by killing all of the Crooks and the Crooks win by filling up a getaway vehicle with members of their team. Only 4 people can escape in the getaway vehicle. Players cannot respawin in this mode.

Both of these variations can be won by the Cops if they manage to destroy the getaway vehicle.