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If you are arriving by plane, your first steps on Liberty City turf will probably be in Dukes. Francis International Airport sprawls across the eastern tip of the borough and serves as an international hub for the rest of the country. Dukes should be experienced first-hand rather than from a cab window as you race to catch your flight home. One of the newer attractions is the National Union of Contemporary Arts (NUCA), a museum of modern art crammed full of canvases with squiggly lines and random objects on podiums. To the east of NUCA lies Meadows Park where you will find relics like the Monoglobe and Liberty State Pavilion Towers leftover from a world fair a half a century ago. If you are comfortable with drunken men throwing lethal weapons around a crowed bar, finish you day with a game of darts and a few beers at the famous Steinway Beer Garden.

Subway Stations