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There are 200 pigeons spread around in Liberty City which you need to kill for 100% game progress. As a reward for killing all 200 pigeons, an Annihilator helicopter on a helipad in Algonquin.


Finding Flying Rats

The Flying Rats (pigeons) can be sometimes quite tricky to find or reach. To slightly blend out of the surroundings, the pigeons have a sort of a red glowing around them which is quite easy to spot during night time. They make a cooing sound as you come closer to them which can assist you in finding their exact location. 2440159187_8df054d49c.jpg

Getting rid of them

To kill a rat you need to fire some weapon at it. You cannot melee kill it and as such you will face a wanted level quite often while killing them as you are forced to open fire. It is recommended to at least check if there are patrolling police men around before you shoot one, but keep in mind gang members will open fire at you as well if you fire at a pigeon. Even though not necessary, we do recommend you try a molotov on a pigeon at least once.


Please check out our map of Flying Rats for pictures, detailed locations and instructions how to get every single flying rat.


  1. Westdyke
  2. Westdyke, Beaverhead Avenue
  3. Westdyke
  4. Westdyke
  5. Westdyke
  6. Westdyke
  7. Leftwood
  8. Leftwood
  9. Leftwood
  10. Leftwood
  11. Alderney City
  12. Leftwood
  13. Leftwood
  14. Alderney City



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