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There are 5 friends you can interact with in Grand Theft Auto IV. Some of them might not be available at the end of the game based on the decisions you do in certain missions (so think twice who your gonna kill etc). Each friend has a special ability which they will offer once you reach a certain level with their friendship. However, they will not offer it any longer if your friendship level drops below a certain level (but it can always be brought up again).



Roman, Niko Bellic's Cousin



  • Available: After "Bleed Out" (Roman Mission)
  • Wake Time: 24 hrs
  • Special Ability: Call Roman and he will send you a cab, which you can use to ride anywhere for free.
    • Unlocked at: 60%
    • Locked at: 15%
  • Food Preference: Will eat anywhere, but prefers high end restaurants and Burger Shot.
  • Club Preference: Anywhere


Wake Time: 7am- 1am Activites: Boating, Heliride, Bowling, Show, Drinking, Strip Club, Eating. Like Factor: Special Ability Unlocked at 75%

                        Drop Off at 40%

Food Preference: Avoid Fast food, go as high end as possible. Nightspot Preference: High End Special Ability: Brucie will pick you up in his chopper, and will take you to your chosen location


Wake Time: 3pm-6 am Activities- Bowling, Darts, Drinking, Pool, Show Strip Club Food Preference- Burger Shot, Pizza Stack, Pang Nightspot Preference-Donnies Bar

'Special Ability unlocked at 75%: his ability allows you to call Packie and ask him to get a car bomb ready. You cab pick up the explosive and plant it on a car then use your phone to detonate it.

Drop Off at 30%

Little Jacob

Wake Time: 1pm - 4am (15hrs) Special ability unlocked at 75% Drop off at 40% Special ability: allows you to buy guns at a cheaper cost!


Wake Time: 11:00am - 3:30am (18hrs)

Special ability unlocked at 60% Drop off at 30% Special Ability: Call for Back up from cell phone - Dwayne will send a couple of armed goons to help you out.

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