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LUIGI'S GIRL -- $1500

You begin the mission in the alley next to the Sex Club 7. 'Jack a car passing by to get around. Once this is done, follow the dot on your map. It should take you to a clinic where you can find the woman you're looking for. Stop beside her and she hop in and tell you her name is Misty. Turn around and follow once again another dot to the same club you started out from. Park in the dot and let her out of the car. Congrats... the mission it over.


You will start the mission in the same alley as you always do. Run across the road and you will find a baseball bat. Pick up the bat and jack a car. Now, follow the dot on the radar until you end up at the docks. There will be a guy with an arrow over his head who you must kill. When you approach him, he'll run at you, so hit him twice with the bat to kill him. After he's dead, look right and 'jack his car. A new dot will appear on the radar, so follow it to a Pay n' Spray. After the car is sprayed, follow the final dot to a garage across the clinic you were at earlier. Park it inside the dot and walk outside to complete the mission.


You'll begin the mission in the usual alley. 'Jack a car and follow the dot to Hepburn Heights. Park in the dot and press L3 (Press down the left analog stick) to sound the horn. A cut scene will appear and Misty will hop in. Now take her to Joey Leone by following the dot on your map. After this mission, you will be able to take missions from Joey.


You start in the usual alley. 'Jack a car follow the dot to a diablo stallion. When you locate it, ram the car until the men get out. The man on the passenger side of the car will have a shotgun, so take him out first. Now... proceed to run over the other. When they are both dead, the mission will be over.

THE FUZZ BALL -- $2000 - $4000

Before starting this mission, I suggest that you get a decently fast, four door car (For example, a taxi or police car). Now... park it and begin the mission. When it starts, you will have six minutes to pick as many hookers as you can to take to a police ball. If you have a four-door car, you can hold up to three at a time (There are eight in all). If you get four, you will be rewarded $2000 when the time is out. For every hooker you collect after that, $500 will be rewarded. After the mission is over, you are finished with Luigi.



This is quite an easy mission... you just have to be patient. You start out near Joey's garage. You have six minutes to do this one, so try to be quick while getting to the dot on your radar. When you get to the dot, 'jack Mike's car and carefully take it to 8-Ball's to rig it with a bomb. After it's rigged, you should have enough time to take it easy for a bit while returning it to Marco's Bistro. When you arrive, park the car in the dot and press circle to arm the bomb. Get out of the lot and enjoy the cut scene.


Find a car and drive towards the gun on your radar. It will take you to Ammu-nation. In back of the gun shop is a nine. Pick it up and head towards the dot. Make sure you have good health, as you will need it. Get Chunkey in your sight and walk out of the car. Note: He will be in a white shirt. When you go to kill him, many Triads will attack, but try to ignore them and aim at Chunkey. When you have him targeted, shoot him until he's dead. The mission will be over now, but that does not mean that you are safe. Get out of there as fast as you can as the Triads who saw you commit the murder will be after you. Note, if you don't kill Chunkey right away, he will get in his car and you will be forced to run him down. If this happens, quickly 'jack a car and ram him until he gets out. Then you can either run over him or get out and shoot him down. ALTERNATE STRATEGY! To avoid getting injured by the Triads, take Chunkey's car and put a bomb in it. When he try�s to escape, just sit back, wait, and enjoy the show.

VAN HEIST -- $20000

When you start the mission, get something big, such as a van. Now, take it and find the dot on the radar. The dot will be a Securicar. Take your car and rub against the side of the Securicar until it's damage meter is full. When this is done, the driver will get out. By now, you should have a couple stars. Try to get to the final dot as quick as you can. The final dot will be a garage in the docks. When you have parked inside, get out for the mission to end.


Start the mission by taking your time and following the dot on the radar. Stop in the dot and watch the cut scene. When the cut scene is over, get out of China Town as quickly as possible in order to avoid any Triads. Take Toni to his restaurant to complete the mission. Congrats... you can now take missions from Toni.


'Jack a car and head to the dot on the radar. Get in the car and quickly head towards the red light district. There will be two cars following you, so weave in and out of China town in order to loose them... don't stop at all. When they are beginning to get out of sight, head towards the new dot, but still cut through streets to avoid them. When you get to the crusher, sit back and wait for your reward.

THE GETAWAY -- $30000

Get a taxi or another four-door car and head towards the dot on the radar. When you arrive, push L3 (Push down the left analog stick) to sound the horn. Three men will run out and get in your car. Now drive to the bank, which is the dot on the radar. Park and wait for the cut scene to end. After it's over, you will have three stars, so go north on the map and through the alley. Grab up the police bribe and you will now only have two stars. Now, if you don't know where the Pay n' Spray is by heart yet, I'll give some directions. Go straight and turn left after the subway station. Now, take the first right and the second left down that road. At the end of this street will be the Pay n' Spray. Get in there and loose the stars. Now... enjoy your quiet ride to the next and final dot. You are now finished with Joey's missions!



Get a large van or truck. Follow and take out each of the dots one by one. Be warned, it may take a while to do so and you will be changing cars frequently. Another way to destroy the trucks is to get the grenades as suggested and time your throws to blow up the trucks.

THE PICK-UP -- $10000

Get yourself a car and drive to the dot on the radar. The dot is a suitcase. Be warned, when you pick it up, tons of Triads will pour out into the alley, so be packing some heat. I suggest you stock up on some Uzi and 9mm ammo. When they are coming, run through one of the entrances and kill those coming down it. Now, run in the streets and try to dodge and on coming truck (driven by a Triad, of course). �Jack a car and when the triads come to pull to out, start moving and do a drive by on those visible. When they are all dead, travel back to Toni�s to finish the mission.


'Jack a car and head towards the dot on your radar. When you get there, a cut scene will appear and you will now be driving a Joey�s limo. Now, head towards the new dot with will be Luigi�s location. After he�s in the limo, head to the final pickup, Toni�s place. When he gets in the car, a few Triad fish trucks will appear. Speed past them and head towards the last dot, Salvatore�s mansion. When you approach his driveway, you will notice two fish trucks � one of each side of the entrance. Power in between them and continue to drive in the garage at the top. Congrats, you can now take missions from the don.


This is one of the best missions in the game, in my opinion. You and a few of Toni�s gangsters are sent to whack three Triad warlords, all while a gang war is raging on. �Jack yourself a decent car and make sure you have a nice piece along with a good bit of ammo. Travel to the three dots with your men. Two of them are in China Town and the other one is located near Atlantic Quays. The two in China Town are easy. At one of the locations, you can just run the warlord over, but be careful when doing so. He�ll have a few foot soldiers near by. After that�s done, go to the second locale in China Town. This one, you�ll have to do outside of a car. Get out and walk through the barrier. Kill all those who get in your way, and when the warlord is in sight, don�t stop shooting until he�s down for the count. Now, get out of there with whatever�s left of your men and �jack a Triad fish truck. Take it to the final location� it�s your key inside the factory (If you�re low on health, stop by the clinic before continuing). When the gates open up, peel out and smash into the nearest triad. Now, jump out your car with at least one of your men and fire off at anyone in your way. Move around the back off the factory with your soldier and kill the warlord. If at this moment, you are low on health, just take the truck you had and bring it around back to kill the triads. When they are all dead, the missions over and you are finished with Toni�s missions. Yay, indeed.

BLOW FISH -- $30000

This is quite an easy mission. Head to 8-Balls to pick up a dust-cart. As you guessed, it will be rigged with a bomb. The plan is to take it to the Triad�s main building, and blow the place sky high. Now, you�ve got limited time and you must be extremely careful when bringing the cart to the dot� a few bumps could set it off. When you arrive at the Triad building, drive around back and park the car in the blue. Before getting out, you must remember to press circle to arm the bomb. As soon as this is done, take off running towards the gate. A cut scene will appear and the mission will be complete, but you�ve still got to escape those Triads who are alive. Anyways� after you get away, you�re done with Toni�s missions. Congrats.


CHAPERONE -- $10000

In this mission, you�re forced to drive Salvatore�s daughter around to parties and such. Yeah, I know. Load�s of fun, eh? First, take her to her drug dealer by following the dot on the radar. There will be a little cut scene where he suggests her going to party at Atlantic Quays. So, of course, you take her there by following the dot. Here�s where the fun begins. Have the car parked to where the passenger side is facing the door to the warehouse. Wait a few seconds, and a cut scene of a police car will trigger. Soon enough, people will pour out of the place and wait for Maria. She�ll pop out sooner or later and get in. Take off towards the mansion (the dot) and don�t stop for anything if you can keep from it. Now, park in the garage to end the mission.


In this mission, you must trail what the don believes to be traitor. 'Jack a car and wait for him to leave his job at the Sex Club Seven. You can find it by the dot on your radar. He�ll leave in a taxi sooner or later, and you must follow the taxi without spooking him out. Stay a good distance behind during the mission, but not too far away so you wont loose him. Continue to follow him and have him in your sight at all times (he does not show up on your radar). He will end up leading you to the docks where a cut scene will appear. Watch the cut scene and after its finished, whack him. When he's dead, the mission is complete.

BOMB DA BASE -- $150000

There are two parts to this mission. The first one, you drive to 8-balls and he informs you that he'll need 100 grand to cover expenses. If you've already got the money, do the mission, but if you don't, you may have to drive a taxi or do some extra missions. Now, when you do have the money, the second part takes place. 8-ball will give you a nice sniper to pop some heads and you should take him to the dot on the radar. The dot is where you'll be blowing up the place. He says he'll move on the first shot you fire. Stay close to the wall and keep moving until you are at the end of the building. There will be a few trailers here. In between two is a pill. Run into it and everything should go into slow motion. Make sure you haven�t any weapons on you so that you can be fast when getting a good shot. Turn around now and run up the stairs at the end of the building. When you are on top, get the sniper and zoom in on the two Cartel who are at the entrance of the ship. Shoot them and move up on the ship. Pan to the right and kill all the gang members you see, and do it all very quickly. There are about 7-8 of them in all. When they are all dead, 8-Ball will blow up the ship and you can watch the one of the greatest cut scenes in the game. Enjoy.


This will be the last mission you�ll do for Salvatore, and for a darn good reason, too. He tells you to find this car full of 'brains' and take it to the crusher. From the start, it sounds a bit too easy, eh? Anyways� continue to move to the dot on your radar and just when you are so close, you will be a page. Make sure to read it� it�s very important. It's from Maria, who will inform you that it is all a big set up. You follow the new dot and go to her. From there, she�ll explain everything in a little cut scene. After it's over, take her and her friend, Asuka, to their home in Stauton Island. You'll be able to drive a boat and now you are at a new location. Congrats! You have finished Salvatore�s missions and now have access to a new place! Note: Don't bother trying to find out what's really in the car Salvatore was speaking about. It just blows up when you get in it. Yippee�



In this mission you are told to kill Salvatore! Yup� it turns out that you get revenge after all. You have only three minutes to get to the Sex Club 7 before he leaves, so get a car and be fast when following the dot. When you get near the club, not so far away from it is an alley with some stairs that lead to a roof-top. From there, I can�t say much besides �I hope you still have ammo for that sniper!� If you do, than that is great. Zoom in at the entrance of the club and sooner or later, a cut scene will appear. Get ready, and when he walks out, whack him before he gets in a car. Once he is dead, congrats, the mission is over. Your ties with the mafia are truly broken.


'Jack a car (I suggest the Stinger, if it is there) and race to one of the dots. Each dot represents a group of �mafia spies�. Take the out one by one. To kill the ones in Belleville Park, you can do a few things. If you have any ammo left for the Sniper (which I doubt) you could stand on top or a car and get a good shot of them. Another way is to just run out with an Uzi, and hope for the best. When the two men there are dead, travel to the next dot. Here will be two men in a car. You can do a few things here, as well. You can either ram them until they are dead, or blow them up with some type of gun. Do whatever you think will be easier. When they are dead� go to the final dot. This will be quite a tough task, because there are plenty of them on top of a building near the Casino. Again, you could do a few things to eliminate them. For instance, snipe them. You can also take an Uzi and find the stairs to the building. Go up them, but be extremely careful and kill the enemies quickly. There�s one on each floor. When they are all dead, mission complete.


Go to the dot and there will be a police boat. 'Jack the boat and start moving towards the boat with an arrow hovering over it. It is hard to shoot and put damage on it while it is moving, so just stick onto it for a while and it will go in a circle. Sooner or later, it will dock and the guy will run out and steal a car. Don�t stop and keep moving all the way. Somehow, get him out of his car and kill him.

PAY DAY FOR RAY -- $10000

Have a car ready for when the mission starts. In this mission, you have to go to Payphones in a race against time, so no stopping for anything (Unless, of course, you are answering the phone). There are four phones for you to answer in a limited amount of time. Once you have answered all four phones, the timer will disappear and you are told to go to a restroom in the middle of the park. Go there for you to earn some cash and end the mission.


Get yourself an Uzi and some ammo. Grab a car and drive to the dot on the map, which will be the Casino. A cut scene will trigger of Tanner walking down the stairs of the Casino. When he gets in his car, follow him. Get beside along side him and do a drive by until you either run out of ammo, or he�s on fire. If you run out of ammo and he�s yet to catch on fire, ram him until he�s burning� then let off the gas, and run him down.



Quite an easy mission, this one is. Go to the dot and you will notice an open window. Take one of your grenades and toss it through the window to cause a fire. After this happens, get in a car and make sure you have some Uzi ammo. The witness will take off, so ram him and do a drive by on his car to catch it on fire.


Start the mission by going to the dot, where you will mean Phil. A cut scene will appear and you should then get any weapons behind or around him. Now� wait for the Cartel Cruisers and when you see them, blow them up with your Grenade Launcher. Anyone who lives, just shoot them down. When they are dead, talk to Phil to end the mission. Oh yeah, you can now buy weapons from Phil at anytime. Congrats.


In this mission, you have to ram your car into and van and then collect what falls out of it. It�s fairly fun. Start out by getting something fast and then go to the dot on your radar. Ram the van and get out to collect whatever falls out. Soon enough, you�ll get a wanted level, but ignore it and simply stick onto the van. Get all six pieces that fall out and then screw up your car to torch the evidence. When it�s on fire, run out and watch is blow up. Congrats, mission over.

GONE FISHING -- $15000

Go to the dot and get yourself the police boat. Now, go to the next dot, which is where you are to kill Ray�s partner. A cut scene will trigger and at this moment, you should speed after him. Push circle to shoot at him, but be careful. He drops mine in the water after a while. When the damage meter is full, the boat will blow up ending the mission.


It turns out that Ray�s partner�s still alive. As a matter of fact, he being transfers to a hospital as we speak. So� �jack a car and take off for the dot. When you find him, ram the car until he falls out. By now, you�ll have a few stars on you, so quickly run over him as fast as you can (Guns wont shatter his bandages) and get out of there.


KANBU BUST OUT -- $30000

First, get a star and 'jack the first police car you see. Take the car to the dot (it will be 8-Balls bomb shop) and if you haven�t yet lost the cops, use the Pay n� Spray near by. After the car is planted with a bomb, head to the new dot, which will be the police station. Park the car in the blue and get out. The car will blow up and leave a hole in the building. Kenji�s friend will walk out, so steal one of the police cars behind you. Now, head out of the station and towards the alley on your right. Now, grab the police bribe, and head towards the Pay n� Spray. After your stars are gone, head towards the final dot to end the mission.


In this mission, try to be quick and have a car waiting outside when you start. You'll have three locations to drive to. Each location has a car, which once obtained, must be taken to a garage near 8-Balls. Do this for all three cars and after they are put away, there should be a Blista near by which will get you around to the next place. If the cars get screwed up, don�t worry. There�s a Pay n' Spray near the garage. Happy hunting.

DEAL STEAL -- $25000

Start the mission by finding and stealing a Yardie Lobo. When you have it, go to the dot on your radar. It will be one of Kenji's men. Once he's in, make your way to the hospital parking lot. Drive in the blue marker and wait for the cut scene to end. Then, run them all over and use their weapons to destroy their Cruisers. Take the suitcase and make your way to the final dot.

SHIMA -- $10000

'Jack yourself a car and get moving to the first dot on your radar. Collect the briefcase and continue to the new dot. This time, a man with a shotgun will be guarding the case, so run him over and get out to get the new briefcase. Go to the next dot to trigger a cut scene. After it�s over, head to Portland where the Diablo�s took the case. Whack them in any way possible and take the final case back to the casino to end the mission.

SMACK DOWN -- $10000

Drive around the city and kill at least eight of the sixteen Yardie dealers. Make sure you have a moderately fast car, and hit whichever locations seem closer. When all of the pushers are off the streets, the mission will end and you will be finished Kenji�s missions.


LIBERATOR -- $40000

Head north and 'jack a Columbian Cruiser. Now that you�ve done this, take off for the dot. The dot turns out to be a little hideout for the Cartel, and only one of them can have access to it. So� with that car, the gate will open. Burst inside and run over all who get in your way. When it catches on fire, jump out and shoot down anyone left. Be careful when approaching some of the doors, as when they open, a Cartel gang member may be inside. When you find the Oriental Gentlemen, 'jack a near by Cruiser and drive to the last dot.


Drive to Cartel territory and �jack one of their Cruisers. Now, a new dot will appear. Follow it to the Parking Garage. Ride up the floors and when you get to the top, a cut scene will be triggered. Now, drag against the side of the wall and Kenji should be right in your way. Hit him and don�t stop for anything. Jump the ramp ahead of you and if your car is still yet in one piece, speed out of New Port to end the mission.


I hate this mission with all my heart. You are timed, so quickly get a boat and head for the dot. The dot is a plane... wait for it to get in sight and follow it very carefully. It will soon drop packages into the ocean. After you�ve collected them, you will have five stars, so head back to the docks in Stauton and �jack a fast car (the stinger if it is there). Now, survive the police and floor it all the way back to the Love Media building to pass the mission.


This will be quite a hard mission the first couple times. 'Jack a car and head for Ammu-Nation. When you get there, get plenty of ammo and a sniper. Now, drive over to the airport by following the dot. When you get there, be ready for a shoot out. Take the sniper and from a distance, kill the Cartel in the warehouse. There are four of them. When they are all dead, continue to walk into the warehouse. A message at the bottom the screen will inform you that what you need is in the plane. So� go in the plane. After you do this, you will find out that the Cartel have taken the package, so now head towards the vans near by. Now� �jack one of them and head towards the new dot. When you get there, you�ll find out that what you want is in the construction site. Get up near the wall where the land is high, and zoom in on the Cartel below. Shoot the ones visible and then make your way inside there. Before entering it, toss a grenade over the wall to kill any around there. Then burst in with your Uzi and kill whoever�s left. When you�ve whacked them all, take the lift to the top of the construct building. A cut scene will appear and the mission will end. You may also do missions from Asuka now.


'Jack yourself a moderately large truck or van and wait for the Securicar to leave. Stick in front of it the whole way and protect it. Soon enough, Cartel Cruisers will come after it, so make sure you have some Uzi ammo in order to commit a drive by. Kepep doing this and watch the damage meter often. Soon enough, you�ll be in Shoreside Vale. Watch the place for Cartel foot soldiers and when you see them, either run over or shoot them. The mission will end when he�s safely in a garage near by.

DECOY -- $35000

Head to Shoreside Vale and 'jack the Securicar waiting for you. When you have it, a timer will start and you have to escape FBI while the real Securicar makes a getaway. Watch the damage meter at all times, and make sure it�s OK. Change lanes when you can and change streets often to throw them off. Stay alive until the timers out, and the mission will end.


This isn't quite a mission, really. You just walk through the marker and a little cut scene will be triggered. Yup� that's it for Donald Love.


MARKED MAN -- $20000

Ray's a marked man and need's your help. The FBI is everywhere, so be cautious when transferring him to the airport. Start by having a fast car ready. Get Ray in your car and head for the underground tunnel. Go to Shoreside Vale and drop him off in the marker. Eh? What's this? Just when you think the mission is over, drive to the new dot. It will be a lockup of Ray�s that will have plenty of weapons and new bullet proof Patriot. Enjoy.


BAIT -- $35000

Get a moderately fast car and head towards the green dots. One by one, use yourself as bait and get them to follow you. Take them to the pink dot and get out of the car. Help out your Yakuza friends kill the Cartel, and do the same things with the other green dots.

ESPRESSO 2 GO -- $40000

Such an annoying mission this is. Start out by driving around Stauton. Soon enough, you�ll notice some dots on your radar. To destroy the dots, run into them at a fast speed. Note: There are five in Stauton. Now, go to Portland and drive around until you notice two more dots on your radar. Get rid of them the same way you did in Stauton. Now� go to Shoreside Vale using the bridge. There will be one final dot near the airport. Destroy it to end the mission. Note: You�ve got only eight minutes to do all this, so be fast.

S.A.M. -- $45000

Get yourself a car and head towards the dot on your radar. Grad the Rocket Launcher and �jack the boat. Now, head towards the new dot and dock on the ramp near the landing pad. Hop out of the boat and shoot down the Columbian on the runway. Now, watch the yellow dot and wait for it to come after you. It will be a plane. Destroy it with your rocket launcher and collect eight pieces that it drops. Now� your wanted level should be up to four stars, so trace your footsteps and go back to the way you go there. When you are on land, 'jack a car and head towards the construction area. Mission complete.


This isn't exactly a mission, but I'll include it. Asuka's dead and Maria has been taken away. Catalina wants $500,000 for the ransom, so if you have it, head to the C on your radar. If you don't have it, do some Taxi missions or do a few phone missions in order to get the money.


THE EXCHANGE -- $1000000

This is the final and toughest mission. Start off by grabbing the gun in front of you and 'jacking the near by Cruiser. Run over all Columbians near by and take their weapons. Escape through the gate and go to the dam. At the entrance, there are as few Cartel, so kill them and take the nearby path. Grab the sniper the snipe those on top of the towers. Now, 'jack a Cruiser and run over all the Cartel below. At the end there will be a guy with a flamethrower. Kill him and move up the stairs. Now, be careful not to kill Maria. Only kill the men on the left and right. Soon after, Catalina's helicopter will take off. Kill anyone other Cartel near by, but make sure to have your Rocket Launcher ready. Blow up the heli to end the mission. Now� set back and enjoy the credits, but more importantly, celebrate. You've just finished the game.