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Game Informer May 2007 issue cover. Featured world first exclusive GTA IV preview.
Game Informer May 2007 issue cover. Featured world first exclusive GTA IV preview.
  • Magazine: Game Informer
  • Issue: May 2007
  • Description: Ten pages of world exclusive screens & details on the biggest game of 2007

Full Summary

  • The main character in the game is called Niko Bellic. He is an Eastern European immigrant who came to Liberty City to live the "American Dream".
  • The settings is once again Liberty City but a much larger version in scale than the one we saw in Grand Theft Auto III. The year is set to be 2007.
  • Mulitplayer will be included, but in what form is not known. However, it won't be a MMO game.
  • 4 of the 5 boroughs of New York has been recreated. Brooklyn is known as Broker, Manhattan is called Alqonquin, Queens is named Dukes, The Bronx is called Bohan and New Jersey is Alderney. For more information regarding these please visit our locations page.
  • Niko was introduced to Liberty City by his cousin Roman. It was he who persuaded Niko to move to Liberty City as he claimed to be living a good life, but instead he was just lieing to cover up his failures there. Roman is the only person Niko knows in Liberty City and in the beginning of the game. Roman has a lot of debt and people are out to get him and needs Niko's help.
  • The screenshots shown in the magazine don't represent the final quality of the graphics in the game. It is still in development and Rockstar Games insists that the game will look a lot better closer to its release date.
  • After the initial loading, the game won't load again.
  • Both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will be close to identical, but the Xbox 360 version was already reported to have exclusive episode type content available through the Xbox Live-service.
  • Rockstar Games consulted different people from law enforcement and crime experts when developing the game and tried to reflect their views of being a criminal in the present day into the game.
  • There will be no planes in GTA IV because it will only feature one city and they want to keep the game realistic.

Featured Screenshots