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Official PlayStation Magazine UK June 2007 issue cover.
Official PlayStation Magazine UK June 2007 issue cover.

Full Summary

  • Development on GTA IV began in November 2004 (Same time as was launched), immediately after San Andreas was released.
  • Liberty City in GTA IV is the largest recreation of a location done in a game like this with as high detail as they aim for.
  • Liberty City isn't as big as San Andreas in terms of square miles, but Dan Houser assures it is as vast in scope: "It's so much more dense and detailed, not only horizontally but also vertically. It's by far the most ambitious GTA game to date."
  • Liberty City is divided into five boroughs based on real locations in New York: Bronx, Brookleyn, Manhattan, New Jersey and Queens. They decided to leave out Staten Island simply because they considered it wouldn't be much fun to play.
  • They tried to make Liberty City feel as fluid as possible while traveling there, without any dead spots or irrelevant space. There will be no loading screens either apart from the initial loading during game start up.
  • The character in the cover is called Elizabeta. She will appear later on in the game.
  • Roman, the one that lured Niko Bellic to Liberty City, owns a taxi firm.
  • Pedestrians on the streets talk on phones, use cash machines and eat food. They improved the pedestrian AI significantly from the previous series.
  • Lightning and reflections are a significant change in the graphics engine compared to the previous installment. We have already seen from the published screenshots that vehicles have beautiful reflective bodywork.
  • It was confirmed already that there won't be any planes in GTA IV, but it will feature helicopters.
  • There won't be same kind of character customization like in San Andreas.
  • Niko can make phone calls himself now instead of just having the main character receiving them.
  • There will be virtually no returning characters from the previous installments.

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