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The races will become available from Brucie after his mission "No. 1". There are a total of 9 races, 3 on each island. To enter a race, just call Brucie on the island you wish to race at and he will inform you where one is located at. You can enter the races with any car/bike, but highly recommend a Turismo (simply because they are easy to obtain). Do not enter a race with a wanted level as it will scare off the opponents. Do not fire at the enemies either or the race will be abandoned. Completing all 9 races will bring you 2% closer to completing the game.

NOTE: You can only call for a race if you are on an island where there are still some available. If you have completed them all then Brucie will inform you that there aren't any available at the moment.


  • South Algonquin
  • Airport Run
  • Dukes Boulevard
  • South Broker
  • Star Junction
  • Road to Bohan
  • North Alderney
  • Elevated (Mid-Alderney)
  • South Alderney