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In Grand Theft Auto IV there will be available 18 amazing new radio stations covering all music styles.


The Music of Grand Theft Auto IV

There will be a soundtrack CD available for sale as well as bundled with the collectors edition.

Hosted by: Francois K
Hosted by: Francois K


Francois K rocks the most discerning of contemporary dance floors with cutting-edge sounds only on Electrochoc.

  1. Padded Cell - "Signal Failure"
  2. Black Devil Disco Club - "The Devil in Us (Dub)"
  3. One + One - "No Pressure (Deadmau5 Remix)"
  4. Alex Gopher - "Brain Leech(Bugged mind remix)"
  5. K.I.M. - "B.T.T.T.T.R.Y. (Bag Raiders Remix)"
  6. Simian Mobile Disco - "Tits and Acid"
  7. Nitzer Ebb - "Let Your Body Learn"
  8. Kavinsky - "Testarossa (Sebastian Remix)"
  9. Chris Lake vs. Deadmau5 - "I Thought Inside Out (Original Mix)"
  10. Boys Noize - "& Down"
  11. Justice - "Waters of Nazareth"
  12. Killing Joke - "Turn to Red"
  13. Playgroup - "Make it Happen"
  14. Liquid Liquid – "Optimo"

Hosted by: Femi Kuti
Hosted by: Femi Kuti


IF99 is the home of international funk music - playing great selection of classics from West Africa, the U.S. and elsewhere.

  1. Fela Kuti - "Sorrow, Tears & Blood"
  2. Femi Kuti - "Truth Don Die"
  3. Fela Kuti - "Zombie"
  4. Lonnie Liston Smith - "A Chance for Peace"
  5. War - "Galaxy"
  6. The O'Jays - "Give The People What They Want"
  7. Gil Scott-Heron - "Home is Where The Hatred Is"
  8. The Meters - "Just Kissed My Baby"
  9. Mandrill - "Livin' It Up"
  10. Manu Dibango - "New Bell"
  11. Creative Source - "Who Is He And What Is He Today"
  12. Hummingbird - "You Can't Hide Love"

Hosted by: DJ Karl Lagerfeld
Hosted by: DJ Karl Lagerfeld

K109 The Studio

Join DJ Karl on a journey back to the heyday of Liberty City when disco never died and electronic music was born.

  1. Electrik Funk - "On A Journey"
  2. Don Ray - "Standing In The Rain"
  3. Cerrone - "Supernature"
  4. Peter Brown - "Burning Love Breakdown"
  5. Tamiko Jones - "Can't Live Without Your Love"
  6. Gino Soccio - "Dancer"
  7. Suzy Q - "Get On Up And Do It Again"
  8. Rainbow Brown - "Till You Surrender"
  9. Harry Thumann - "Under Water"
  10. Skatt Brothers - "Walk The Night"

Hosted by: Jimmy Gestapo
Hosted by: Jimmy Gestapo

L.C.H.C. Liberty City Hardcore

Hardcore lives on in the city where it all began. Jimmy Gestapo hosts a selection of the best punk and hardcore classics.

  1. Murphy's Law - "A Day In The Life"
  2. Maximum Penalty - "All Your Boyz"
  3. Underdog - "Back to Back"
  4. Leeway - "Enforcer"
  5. Sick Of It All - "Injustice System"
  6. Cro-Mags - "It's The Limit"
  7. Sheer Terror - "Just Can't Hate Enough"
  8. Bad Brains - "Right Brigade"
  9. Killing Time - "Tell Tale"
  10. Agnostic Front - "Victim in Pain"

Hosted by: Ruslana
Hosted by: Ruslana

Vladivostok FM

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