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There are a total of 50 unique stunts to be done in Grand Theft Auto IV. By completing them you will receive the Xbox 360 achievement Dare Devil as well as be 2.5% closer to completing the game.



With the new physics engine in Grand Theft Auto IV, the unique stunts are perhaps a bit harder to perform and definitely more dangerous. A bad landing on a bike can lead to a death, or at least cause you to loose a lot of health. This is why we suggest you do as much of the jumps with full health as possible. This is why we suggest you date Carmen, until she starts offering the Health Boost ability. It will come in very handy in between jumps, but an alternative for a quick health fix is to call 911 and select medical services (Dial 2). They will send a paramedic to your location that will heal you for a price (about $1000 for full health heal).


Although fast cars such as Turismo can perform most of the jumps, we do recommend using a motorbike (NRG900 or PCJ600). You can steal a Turismo from the vehicle shop Grotti in Algonquin or use cheats or a NRG900 from the Westdyke Autos in Alderney. Note that stealing a vehicle from a shop automatically rewards you with a 1 star wanted level.



  1. Westdyke, Cassiar Avenue
  2. Westdyke, Applewhite Avenue
  3. Westdyke, Sacramento Avenue
  4. Westdyke, Sacramento Avenue
  5. Leftwood, Franklin Street
  6. Alderney City, Applewhite Street
  7. Alderney City, Rand Avenue
  8. Alderney City, Rand Avenue
  9. Alderney City, Appleshite Street
  10. Alderney City, Plumbers Skyway
  11. Berchum, Plumbers Skyway
  12. Alderney City, Keneckie Road
  13. Alderney City, Koresh Square
  14. Tudor, Phalanx Road
  15. Tudor, Barsac Avenue
  16. Tudor, Praetorian Avenue
  17. Acter Industrial Park, Plumbers Skyway
  18. Acter Industrial Park, Plumbers Skyway
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