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first off the game gta 4 or grand theft auto 4 is the best game of all time.its cool in ways like.....say that in other gta games like san andreas.when you try to jack a car,cj just opens the car and drives gta 4 when niko (nikolai) bellic tries to jack a car he first checks to see if the car is already open by nugging on the cars handle bar.but when it refuses to open niko busts the glass with his elbow and starts to hotwire the car.awesome huh....i know.2nd you know how the police,fire trucks,and ambulances have only two sirens know they have three!! yes three.3rd gta 4 iz cool because of its covering system.when your stuck in the middle of gunfire and your in shield is a car. you can get behind a car and fire a the enemy WILDFIRE STLYE.that means when niko shoots hes not even looking a the enemy and shooting them down.4th,...the airport.the airport in gta 4 is so much better can actually see the people working,and delivering the cargo onto the plane.and now in gta 4 the airport has real life big planes.planes like private jets and 747's.those are the planes with two engines on each wing.5th the taxi can whistle down a taxi driver.he will eventually stop and pick you up.but be sure not to shoot while your in the taxi cause if you do the driver will stop get out and run.6th and last thing,the weapons.if you dont get far enough in the game to go to weapons x(gun shop) you can just go to little jacob and he will take you to his car where he will show you weapons that you can use. side note,niko bellic isnt a diver so there is no finding little pearls in the water,and so that you dont waste your time doing that non-since.7th.the new fighting system,u could counter attacks,like a takedown.8th is that u coulkd see the blood on niko we he gets shot.