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The wanted level system for Grand Theft Auto IV has been greatly modified from San Andreas, Vice City and GTA 3. There are significantly more police men patrolling the streets than before, which makes it a lot easier to gain a wanted level. However, with the new wanted level system it is a lot easier to get rid of the heat as well. When you gain a wanted level a blinking blue/red area appears on your radar. It illustrates where the cops are looking for you. In order to loose the heat, you need to get outside of the area for a moment without any cops spotting you. Once you are outside of the area, the wanted stars will start blinking and if no cops see you for a certain time, you will loose the wanted level completely.

Improved Radar

Another significant change in the system is that you can now spot cops, their vehicles and helicopters from the radar once you gained a wanted level. It helps you decide where to head to get rid of the wanted level. Single dots are policemen on foot, dots with a small blip circulating around it are police vehicles, and dots with lines circulating it are police helicopters.

Pay n 'Spray

As with previous GTA games, there still are Pay 'n Spray shops located all around Liberty City. However, you cannot drive in there anymore if a police spots you drive in. You need to have at least that great of a distance from the police that they cannot spot you enter the shop.