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Fist Basic fist to use just incase you want to make things a little bit intersting.



the knife is a very effective weapon when no firearm is avalible a few slashes well do just fine on well armoured opponents


swing left and right and block and slug them.

Glock 17

This is inordinary pistol that you can find any where in liberty city. all the way to the dukes allthe way to allderny.

Combat Pistol

has a legal 9 round and more powerful than the other pistol.

micro SMG

Mac 10 A gun that is quite similar to a SMG but not as strong a Micro SMG has up to 50 bullets.


all the same attributes of the Micro-SMG but more powerful.


Very pretty rifle and powerful and incredible zoom it is said to be the number one rifle.

M4A1 Carbine

-A bit more powerful than the AK i like it for the three leaf clover mision. You should call it a Sniper AK. So now the LCPD better watch oouuttt!!!!!!!

Pump Shotgun

hold 8 shells effective at close range.

combat shotgun no zoomer

same as pump shotgun but with 10 shells and no zoom. No zoom! why the $#@! is that. But it should still be powerful.

sniper rifle

hold one shell but not as good as the other rifle and easy to find CHEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

combat sniper

same as the other sniper has about 5 bullets per clip recommened over the other


rocket launcher can bounce of walls if it hits it at a agnle slids against the ground perfect for killing gangs.

molotov cocktail

Beer Bottle with Gas And A Burning Wick .


hold it you can cook it but dont do it to long or you explode.

video of all guns on gtaiv

not the most exiting video ever but shows you all of the standard guns and advanced guns http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=4Np587BM2VE

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